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Daughters of Destiny Women to Women Mentoring


Sodonia Worthy serves as the Director for this ministry

Mission Statement To give the women of House of Praise for all People Church and women in the surrounding community the opportunity to experience joy and growth in their Christian lives by participating in one-on-one supporting and encouraging mentoring friendships. A Mentor will be a woman who is a practicing Christian, regularly attends House of Praise for all People Church, and has the desire to let her life be an example and godly role model. A protégé will be an attendee of House of Praise for all People or women in the surrounding community. Women of all ages are welcome. The scriptural foundation is Titus 2:3-5, where we are told to teach and guide the next generation of Christian women in how to live the life of a godly woman. We believe Jesus left us with the command to go and make disciples.

Our Vision Our vision is to fulfill Christ's mandate for believers to create disciples in His name. We fulfill this mandate by enlisting older, wiser, Christ-followers (mentors) to focus on intentional mentoring relationships with women (protégés) that challenge, inspire, and encourage them in their walk with the Lord and in the many different roles they have, and to be influencers in their home, work, churches, and communities for Christ.

Core Values •Transformational - We believe that mentoring in groups is a process that leads to life transformation. •Intentional - We believe in purposeful work with the intention of strengthening believers. We are investing in strengthening the kingdom of God. •Humble - We are here to follow Christ's commandments. Our ultimate goal has nothing to do with our success, but everything to do with strengthening His kingdom through the lives of transformed women. •Biblical - Our entire program is based on biblical principles. Our work is illuminated by scripture, Christian authors, and the lives of our mentors. We are specific to what and to whom we use to establish our mentoring program.

Daughters of Destiny Women to Women Mentoring, is a program built on the mentoring style displayed by Jesus Christ for His disciples. He mentored in small groups, He chose the men He would mentor, and He taught them on His timetable with the lessons He knew they needed to hear. After equipping them, He commanded them to impact the world with His teachings. This challenging, yet encouraging approach mirrors the perfect execution Jesus used of bringing the hard truth, while balancing it with grace. As with Jesus' ministry, choosing to be a part of Daughters of Destiny Women to Women Mentoring requires a serious commitment of time, energy, and accountability. Not everyone was invited to become one of the twelve disciples and not everyone can make the kind of commitment required to participate in Daughters of Destiny Women to Women Mentoring; but if they do, they will never be the same!

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