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Global Kingdom Endeavors

The framework for Global Kingdom Endeavors operates from a relationships with Missionaries and ministries globally.

1) Core Values of The House of Praise For all People

2) Statement of Faith of The House of Praise For all People

3) Mission Statement of Global Kingdom Endeavors (GKE)

                To provide an active and ongoing connection through The House, for people interested in releasing the Kingdom of God through relational, supernatural encounters with people and cultures around the world.

4) The Mission Statement is accomplished by:

a)      Building ongoing relationships with people working in other nations and cultures

b)      Providing prayer and relational cooperation with those in different cultures and people groups

c)       Developing a constant three years plan for teams going from The House to provide support and Kingdom activation to local missionaries

d)       Promote those working in other cultures and nations through the various events and publishing’s of The House

e)      Building a team of mission-minded people both from within The House and our at-large community of believers, to handle the various needs of Global Kingdom Endeavors.

5) The Operations Directors will facilitate

a)      Ongoing communication between the field and The House

b)      Schedule numerous mission trips, developing a 3-year schedule

c)       Oversee the team training and development for mission trips

d)      Schedule the time's missionaries  will be at The House

e)      Provide for the newsletter and website, up to date information concerning all the ministries and missions we have relationship with

f)       Provide relational communications with the ministries supported by The House

g)      Ensuring that both national and international ministry prayer needs are communicated with The House

h)      Helping to provide the administrative office with information for the Sunday newsletters, bulletins and prayer concerns.


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