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I Like My Church

David Hevelow

Why I like my Church - Firstly because God is always there. Secondly I love to praise and worship my God. It is also wonderful to have and be apart of the most loving family have ever know. I'm always amazed at what God does through his children. It fills my heart with joy to see and receive healing of all manners. I have a home where I can invite others to share in his wonders, fellowship,and miracles. I come with hope, faith, and love. Lastly I never leave as hungry or thirsty as when I arrive.

David, Dana, and Derek Borrelli

"The Spirit of God is so very alive here! You can feel that the service is Spirit led, and that God is moving in our midst! It is always moving, gripping, and refreshing. The Lord is in the House!"

Chuck Westwood

"I like my church because it is easy going but you can always count on it to be spirit filled."

Laurie Westwood

"My church is my family. Or even better than that. I can hardly wait to get together again. When I get to go on Friday night and then realize it is going to happen again on Sun morning that is the absolute best! We invite Father God every time we come together and He always shows up. What can be better than that?!"

Diane Eby

Encouraging testimonies, celebrating offerings, monthly communion and covered dish dinners! House of Praise for all People is a gathering place for all believers.

Jon Trimble

I came to the church, the House Of Praise For All People, in great need and pain and turmoil, in God's providence! Where I found healing and help and love that surrounded me to the light of His love for me, and His awesome Grace. So truly this is why I attend and love this church...the House Of Praise!

Mark Newcomer Sr

2 Corinthians 3:17-18 We Believe in Worshiping God in Spirit and in truth. Finding the liberty of change that takes one from glory to glory. Having Ministers who teach us the truth of God's word where by we grow into Christ and we are changed into the same image.

Steve, Dawn, Jordan, & Seth Hastings

Though we have attended special events in the past, and have known a lot of the families from the House of Praise, God led us here 2 years into our grief and heartache after our oldest son Brandon passed away on 8/3/04. It was actually our middle son Jordan's suggestion "why not try House of Praise". In the past three years here, God has, and continues to heal our hearts and draw us closer into his presence. We know with complete certainty that God set this time for us, and that we are right where he wants us to be. And to agree with our youngest son Seth..."We couldn't do anything less than this"!

Eddy & Sarah Jester

My husband, Eddy, and I love our church family. They've supported, laughed,cried with us...prayed with us. We love watching our daughter, Emily, grow in the Lord. She prays so easily for others and does so without reservation. I love that our church nurtures that within her. I also love that in our church we DO sing, rejoice and make a joyful noise unto the Lord! We love our Father and we wear HIS love upon us with pride!