What Is Your Voice - Voices Against Domestic Violence

Mission, Vision, & Values
A Voice For Today and Future Generations. What is Your Voice, Inc. provides Sussex County with fully trained and skilled Domestic Violence Peer Support Advocates. Our Peer Support Advocates use a structured and therapeutic model to empower the individuals and children using our program as they work to break free from domestic violence. Our objective is to address the complexities and causes of intimate partner abuse and family domestic violence experienced by those in our program. Our goal is to empower and inspire every life we touch.
We provide a holistic approach for our clients: Body, Soul, Spirit. Our intensive aftercare program engages with the whole person. We focus on returning our clients to a full sense of self and well-being.
What Is Your Voice, Inc. targets rehabilitation and community reintegration in all of its forms by utilizing a multi-focused strategy. By forming bridges of encouragement for those experiencing isolation and bringing them back to a sense of community, and by supporting clients experiencing financial lack, we assist our clients in finding a foothold for economic self-sufficiency.
Additionally, we work with trauma, PTSD, cPTSD, as well as assist with creating a person-centered treatment plan to focus on skills and life goals which often include housing, education, and employment.
What Is Your Voice, Inc is tireless in our mission to address domestic violence but we also know we are also addressing homelessness, addiction, poverty, and human trafficking in Sussex County.
That's why we also work with local agencies and partner with victim service providers, everyday volunteers, and other community resources to end the cycle of violence in Sussex County, and one day, all of Delaware.

Faith by Grace: Ray & Kathryn Leight

We want to see people set free! For years we struggled with mindsets and belief systems that brought fear, shame, and blame. Jesus set us free to live a life of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Our hope is to equip others to live that way too! In everything we do, we want to equip people to live a lifestyle of freedom that is both practical and sustainable.
We both came to know Jesus in the same year. This was a huge turning point for our family! Though we had received Jesus' forgiveness, we still struggled to deal with some of the lies, self protections, and wounds we had accumulated over the years. For us, freedom from those things wasn't instantaneous. As we pursued our own healing, we realized that it was available to everyone!
Since then, we have gone after the truth of who God is, who He says we are, and the difference that makes in all of our lives. We are on a mission to help others know, believe, and live the truth of their identity in Christ. Freedom is available!
Ray and Kathryn have served as missionaries with Life Builders (a ministry of Cru), and as pastors of a missional community in Annapolis, Maryland. They have both served (and Ray is currently serving remotely) as pastoral counselors at the Transformation Center of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. They travel and minister upon invitation as well.
More than anything, they love spending time with their family.