Core Values of The Presbytery

1. The Presbytery will live out the Core Values of The House of Praise.

2. The Presbytery provides the order and unity of this community.

3. This body of leadership is to lead by example, exhorting, encouraging, and offering counsel and correction without the spirit of control, recognizing that each person is ultimately responsible for their lives in Christ.

4. The Presbytery serves all ministries operating out of The House of Praise.
a. We define this service as a relational interaction between members of the Presbytery with the leader and team of the ministry.
b. The purpose of the service is to provide a place where the ministry can grow and reach its destiny in an atmosphere of encouragement and counsel.
c. It is the responsibility of the Presbytery to launch a ministry of the church and to determine the leader of that ministry. We accomplished this by observing the gifts and calling that are in operation in the day to day activity of The House
5. The Presbytery is responsible for facilitating the doctrinal and theological positions of the church in a manner consistent with the pursuit of truth and our growing understanding of both truth and revelation being supplied by the Holy Spirit.

6. All members of the Presbytery are charged to carry this body of believers in their hearts,  praying and encouraging until the fullness of Christ is formed in each member.