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We help people THRIVE.
If you are looking to THRIVE, you have landed in the right place.
At Thrive Culture, we think about wealth differently. We offer courses, coaching, and community to move your vision for life forward.
We believe everyone can achieve their full potential in Christ, which means we can thrive in all areas of life. We are here to help.
Our first course is housed at Podia, and you can find it here: Money Mindset Mastery Course. This course is outlined below and will give you the mindsets necessary to prime the pump for wealth. Other classes will be added soon.

You can achieve

Money Mindset Mastery.

Become fertile ground for wealth to grow by learning the following:
  • Expand your understanding of scripture and a Christ-centered approach to money management.
  • Learn how to identify your sabotaging mindsets and shift them to thriving perspectives to be set up for success and halt unhealthy patterns.
  • Establish a clearly defined Thrive Vision for what you want in life to achieve it better.
  • Develop a Wealth Increase Network system to feel more confident with managing money.
  • Once you complete the course, have a template for ongoing self-assessment, mindset training, goal establishment, and money management.
In addition to the course subscription, you will also have access to a private Facebook community group dedicated to those in Thrive Culture courses. You can ask questions, receive group coaching, watch inspiring videos, read helpful content, and discuss with others who are creating wealth- just like you.
What people are saying about Thrive
"Our time spent in Thrive Culture opened our eyes to the lies and misconceptions we had about money, how we view it, and how our parents imparted their beliefs to us. Robert & Kat helped break the cycle of poor financial choices and views and helped instill a new mindset and perspective of making, handling, and stewarding money as a tool, rather than a vice."
- Michael & Tat