The House Experience

Why Visit Us

1. This is a place where intense Spirit-lead worship is shared. We are seeing, on a regular basis, Abba Father drawing us into levels of worship with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit manifesting Himself in signs, wonders and miracles.
2. As a community of believers we exalt the mighty name of Jesus in our celebration, the declaration and teaching of the scriptures and the sharing of the Lord’s love to all who come.
3. We give room for God to move in supernatural ways as we see people healed from all manor of sickness and disease as the power of God touches them.
4. We declare the saving gospel of Christ to all people declaring that there is no other way for a person to be saved but through repentance and receiving Christ's forgiveness.
5. We are a community of believers that are focused on changing the atmosphere in our community, region and into the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is our desire to give away all that Abba has given us and to demonstrate the supernatural power of heaven on the earth where ever we go.  We are outward focused not inward focused.

What to Expect

We at The House of Praise For All People are an eclectic group of people from various backgrounds, races and origins that have been brought together to pursue the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ through deep relationship with Him and with each other. You might find our community a place to call home if these aspects of our community appeal to you. We consider ourselves to be revivalist in that we are not looking for sporadic moves of God in our midst but we are looking to live in His glorious presence and see heaven invade the earth every place we go and to everyone we meet.
You might enjoy being a part of this community if:
  • You enjoy spontaneity in worship
  • Exact meeting times are not important to you. We usually start at the designated times but the ending times are almost always missed.
  • You enjoy preaching and teaching that draws you to deeper levels of intimacy with the Lord instead of only building on intellectual understanding.
  • You're looking for a place where all things are possible in Christ and the manifest presence of Father God can invade every time we come together.
  • You want your children to be incorporated into the ministry of the church. We believe that the children are as anointed as the adults and we release them to minister as the Spirit leads.
  • We believe that Christ will heal all manner of brokenness cause by sin. So you might like being a part of this community if you're looking to be whole in body, soul and spirit and living in the full potential that you were created for.
  • You enjoy the closeness of fellowship with other people who have been touched by the saving power of Christ.
  • This community could be for you if you are open to the moving of the Spirit in sign, wonders and miracles. We often see the Lord move in ways we can't explain but the fruit of His presence is changing people’s lives for His glory.
  • This might be for you if you're looking for more than a Sunday service. As a community, our relationship with Daddy God and with each other is the center of our lives, not just another meeting to schedule into our week.
  • We believe we are called to have an impact into the community around us with the supernatural power of God, so this community is for you if you want to be trained and released to impact the world around you for His glory.
  • One of the ministries of the Holy Spirit is to give gifts to men that we are to use. This community is for you if you are looking for openness in the gifts of the Spirit.
  • As a community we place high value on honoring each other as created in the image of God and possessing His destiny and call. You might feel at home here if you're looking for a place that puts a high value on relationship as opposed to people only serving the leadership.
  • We have a multi-cultural community and we honor the various cultures we have within our community and believe that the diversity gives us a broader view of our Father's creative hand.
  • And finally, you might be called to this community if you want to be a sold out revivalist willing to do what you see the Father doing and saying what you hear the Father speaking so that we may represent Jesus to a lost world that needs to see His love and forgiveness.