Apostolic Council

The Purpose and Core Values of the Apostolic Council for The House of Praise For All People

This council is formed with expressed purpose of recognizing, activating and releasing those people in our community we see as being the gift of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist. The purpose of each gift is to equip the body so that each member is able to rise to their fullest ministry and personal destiny.

We further recognize that there will be times when those from outside this community of believers, but being seen by the presbytery and the council as holding the gift themselves will join with the council for kingdom assignments.

This council serves at the discretion of presbytery and is to work in unison with the presbytery and other church leadership.

Those appointed to the council are recognized by this community but this recognition is not necessarily acknowledged outside of our community.

Core Values
1. This council exists to equip the body in the ministry gifts listed in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 so that each person in our community can grow in their area of gifting.

2. It is the desire of the council to mentor, equip, impart, and provide an avenue to growing so that people can use their gifts in a safe and encouraging environment that allows for practice, experimentation and maturity.

3. Because this council is apostolic in nature its primary focus will be outside of this community participating in kingdom advancement and cooperation with other like-minded members of the body of Christ.

4. This council will serve as a representative group being authorized and sent out by the presbytery of The House to speak for our community and build relationships of cooperation with others regionally, nationally and internationally.

5. The makeup of the council is not limited to one person being recognized per gift but can have as many people recognized as the presbytery deems appropriate by the observation of the individual and the counsel of Holy Spirit.