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What is Global Alliance for Kingdom Advancement
Robert Muncy
    Convening Apostle, Global Alliance for Kingdom Advancement
The Alliance exists to foster a further understanding of the Kingdom of God and how the Church facilitates the Kingdom expanding in the seven mountains of influence on the earth. The seven mountains are Business, Arts, and Entertainment, Education, Government, Religion, Family, and Media. The primary goal of the Global Alliance for Kingdom Advancement (GAFKA) is to facilitate and resource you through apostolic alignment with your gifts and ministry, equipping you in the sphere of influence you are assigned to, touching lives in your local community. As the Kingdom is advancing on the earth, many are being set free from religious culture and stepping into a Kingdom culture.
The next phase of development for me and those connected with me is to respond to the draw and interest for my leadership to expand in benefiting additional aspects of Kingdom advancement. To do this, I’m restructuring my ministry design to provide my oversight and input in three settings: locally, regionally, and internationally. With this, I am establishing GAFKA to create an alignment opportunity that has expression through our local congregation, a region movement, and an international reach.
The House of Praise For All People is and will continue as my base while I serve there as the lead apostle with a developed and increasing Five Fold Team providing healthy growth to the body of Christ. GAFKA is our response to many leaders in the region asking for a meaningful connection, assistance from our Five-Fold Team, and ministry commissioning for their assignment. Relationships are the priority, and a horizontal alignment will foster an increase in development and progress for everyone. Global Alliance for Kingdom Advancement is the step into my full assignment to provide an opportunity for Kingdom advancement through connection with like-minded leaders across the globe. My passion is to make inroads that see healthy local churches developed, regional connections creating synergy for advancement, and impacting as many nations as possible. Our local and regional expressions extend from this assignment, and this restructuring will create the framework to expand on all fronts.
You’re invited to be part of what’s going on at The House of Praise for All People and GAFKA if you are looking for this type of connection. If your heart is for Kingdom work enabled by relationships that add to and fuel one another, you’re invited to be part of the Alliance with many others in the area. We are currently involved in leading teams into Haiti and are keeping an eye out for other nations to serve. If you have a passion for serving in international efforts, let’s partner in powerful ways. To be a member of GAFKA, you must be invited by apostle Robert Muncy or one of the GAFKA members because this is a relationship based Alliance built on existing relationships.
GAFKA forms a broader community of like-minded leaders and churches that allows for the sharing of information, the development of strategies, relational collaboration between leaders, ministries, and churches facilitated through the alignment with me. GAFKA is equipped to change our environments with the love of God, releasing the life-changing reality of Christ. Kingdom advancement will exponentially increase when we come together as an Alliance focused on societal change and spiritual growth. Thank you for considering being a part of the Alliance.
If you have been invited to join GAFKA by Robert Muncy or another GAFKA member please fill out the form and submit it. Be sure and list the name of the person who has invited you to join GAFKA

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