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Global Alliance For Kingdom Advancement
Is GAFKA a part of The House of Praise For All People or is it separate from the church?
Because GAFKA is an alignment with Apostle Robert Muncy, the Alliance exists outside of The House, as far as it is not a ministry of The House. The Alliance has a separate leadership team that is independent of The House leadership.
Why was the Alliance formed?
Over time many have built a relationship with Robert Muncy and the personal exchange of vision, potential, and encouragement have been nourished by the apostolic gift he carries. Over the last several years the leadership team of The House has been in prayer, discussion, and experimentation on how to take the next step and create a broader model for people outside of The House to connect with Robert and give him the freedom to build an alliance that helps to empower and further your vision. We desire to build a pathway that allows you a direct connection with Robert and also allows you to pull on the resources of The House leadership and events. This pathway seems to work best when the connection remains personal to foster relational alignment with Robert instead of an organization. Out of the relational connection, the structure to advance kingdom cooperation and collaboration becomes possible.
As a member of the Alliance can I continue to build a relationship with The House and its ministries?
Yes, you can. The leadership and members of The House are always open to you building a close relationship with them. Members of The House can also be a part of the Alliance. GAFKA works closely with The House community while maintaining the separate vision of the Alliance. Some members of The House who are a part of the Alliance may serve on the Alliance leadership, and some members of the Alliance may serve on the Apostolic Council of The House.
What does the alignment with Apostle Robert Muncy mean?
Alignment with the convening apostle of the Alliance provides a platform for you to develop a relationship and synergy with other the Alliance members. This alignment allows for a growing relationship centered on empowerment for you to fulfill the visions and dreams you carry. Because alignment is relational, it facilitates heart to heart relationships that strengthen those that come into alignment with one another. Alignment in the Alliance gives you access to Robert and allows for mutual exchange and empowerment. Alignment is not about control nor is it being a part of a hierarchical structure with the apostle at the top. Alignment is not you agreeing to serve the apostle but is a mutual relationship in which you have the opportunity to have a personal interaction with the convening apostle and other members of GAFKA to strengthen you and help you achieve the assignment you carry for the Kingdom. Global Alliance for Kingdom Advancement does not function in a hierarchical structure but functions horizontally through relationship and honoring the anointing and gifts we each carry. The alignment shall exist as long as both parties find it advantageous and valuable. GAFKA is not a church or a substitute for a church. It is not designed to provide pastoral care to members of the body of Christ in general. All believers should be under the care of a pastor, hopefully, a pastor who has secured proper apostolic alignment. GAFKA is an apostolic alliance which provides proper apostolic alignment to leaders. These leaders include apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, as well as the other church and ministry leaders who may not be recognized as one of the five-fold gift offices.
How does GAFKA interact with The House of Praise for All People?
While The House of Praise for A people serves the community as a local church, The House also serves outside of our local area through sending individuals and teams regionally. In this capacity, The House serves as an apostolic hub making available equipping for ministry and opportunities for kingdom advancement. The House is the soil in which Robert has grown and developed into the apostolic gift. We have experimented for years in areas of team building and ministry structure to facilitate people using the gifts they have in a safe environment as they try new things and mature. Those that align with Robert will have access to The House apostolic council and presbytery for input in an empowering non-controlling relationship. The House will provide support through individual relationships with The House team, regular gatherings of GAFKA, sharing of contact information for GAFKA members, media events, and seminars, and regular prayer for all GAFKA members.
What does being a member of Global Alliance for Kingdom Advancement provide?
GAFKA recognizes that the word ecclesia, translated as "church" means basically "the people of God." God's people are not found only in the traditional church structures, but also in the workplace, the extended church. The church in the workplace, like the nuclear church, is founded on apostles and prophets and consequently, leaders in the workplace also need an apostolic alignment. GAFKA provides the opportunity for apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, and other leaders of the church in the workplace an opportunity for apostolic alignment. Those who desire a biblical precedent for this need look no further than to Apostle Luke, a medical doctor, who was apostolically aligned with Apostle Paul. The alignment with Apostle Robert Muncy through Global Alliance for Kingdom Advancement gives access to him in a relational synergy to foster your increased influence in the sphere of your assignment. Alignment provides for a growing sphere of influence with ministry leaders that are not a part GAFKA but flow with the same heart as the other GAFKA members. The goal is to build relationships with various streams in the body of Christ and to encourage unity in advancing the kingdom. Alignment builds connections with other churches and ministries both in the US and internationally.
Alignment provides an opportunity for members to build a relationship with each other.
Alignment provides synergy in collaborations for projects to advance the kingdom in our various locations. Alignment provides a regular dialog with like-minded people on topics that are cutting edge in what Father is doing in the earth at this time.
Alignment provides an opportunity to participate in an international leadership conferences hosted by GAFKA and The House.
Alignment provides commissioning for members who are recognized by GAFKA leadership for their gift or office. Commissioning is based on a relationship built between GAFKA leadership and the individual and agreement with that individual's calling and spiritual maturity.
Alignment helps in launching ministries and planting churches by GAFKA members by providing a place where vision, direction, and connection with GAFKA aids the individual or group move from ideas to the manifestation of the dream.
Alignment provides a regular prayer covering for members and prayer for special needs a member might have.
Alignment provides events throughout the year for gathering together either at a location or by media to discuss kingdom advancement and keep members current of what is happening in the areas GAFKA is influencing and affecting.
What do I do as a GAFKA member?
Participate in GAFKA events; Share with other like-minded leaders what GAFKA is and how they could connect; Make resources from your church or ministry available to GAFKA so others can benefit from your gifts and ministry; Share information concerning your insights, dreams, and accomplishments so members can benefit from what Father is showing you. As you alignment with Robert Muncy, you are asked to consider providing regular financial support to GAFKA. My goal is to serve you and help you succeed with the assignments Holy Spirit has given you. I believe and have experienced in my alignments that what I sow into another, I reap in abundance. Although your financial support is not required, I do believe it is an important aspect of how Kingdom alignment functions. You are a member of GAFKA by choice and are free to step out of GAFKA at any point you choose by providing a letter to me stating you are leaving the Alliance. Our heart is to maintain relationship whether you are a member or not.
How do I become a member of GAFKA?
The Alliance is designed to function from a relational perspective and because of that membership is by invitation only from Apostle Robert Muncy or by one of the Alliance members submitting the request to him. Along with the invitation to join the Alliance; you will be asked to write your vision statement and describe your sphere of influence in a SOD-word document. Your vision statement allows other Alliance members to know your heart and the goals of Kingdom advancement you carry.
Is there a membership fee or a required regular payment?
Those who receive invitations will be expected to read and agree with our Alliance documents that they fit in with the direction that God is moving this new wineskin. The two requirements for ongoing membership in GAFKA are connecting and giving. By "connecting" we mean that you will set aside the time and resources to get together with others in the Alliance through sending and receiving newsletters and attending regional GAFKA gatherings. You will make it an objective to build friendships and establishing working relationships with Alliance members. You will be an encourager to all who are in this new wineskin. By "giving" to GAFKA revolves around the concept of "first fruits." We love to give to those with whom God has aligned us. There are individuals whom God has put into our lives whom He has affirmed and developed so that our giving into their life makes room for ours to grow. This way of giving was the principle of Abraham giving to Melchizedek in Genesis 14. Each leader will prosper as he or she develops their giving strategy. GAFKA is not legalistic, and there is no required giving such as tithe or percentage of tithe, even though there is an expectation of regular giving. If you are part of Alliance synergy, you will want to give generously to the mission that the Lord is developing. Those who become a part of this Alliance will say: "This is how I will take the wealth God has given me to steward and give this amount to the development of this new wineskin representing Kingdom advancement. What I give will be a representation of what this wineskin means to my life at this time in my ministry and the destined path for the future. 11 Simply put, we need members of GAFKA whose hearts are truly aligned with us. To keep track of this alignment, we take Jesus' maxim seriously: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Lk. 12:34). By your voluntary giving, we will sense where your heart is. Giving to GAFKA is done through The House ofPraise For All People website using the donate button and writing GAFKA next to "other."