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EPiC Youth


*EPiC : Extremely Passionate Instruments of Christ* EPiC Youth is a ministry fo 6-12th graders to connect with each other, themselves, and above all, God. EPiC is designed to for fun and engaging in the things of God at a young age. Our goal is to bridge the gap between "just being a teenager" and "being a voice" in the body of Christ. We strongly encourage our student to ask questions and seek God with curiosity and confidence to know Him for themselves through scripture, worship, and prayer. We believe in the teachings of the gifts of the Spirit and the activate the youth into operating in those gifts. We encourage creativity and boldness. We encourage Christlikeness and continual growth. EPiC Youth meet every Monday evening from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the church. On occasion we meet up outside of the church for what we call "#tagnights" where the focus is community. Contact Youth Director Michele Johnson for more information.

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