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Recent Testimonies


This is my testimony: Friday night @ home after Church, read John 1: 1 -3 asking God to help me see the truth. Then talking to God about healing and seeing Christ face to face, the light of God moving through me replacing all pain, sickness & disease. To replace with Christ DNA all healthy cells... Since that time I felt calm, peaceful & free of chronic pain. Giving God glory, thankful for his healing touch. I've continued to speak health to this body/mind that I am free of all pain/sickness. That God's word is true forever.


WANNA HEAR ABOUT A MIRACLE TODAY!!!! I had a scheduled appointment with an eye specialist. I have been having eye injections since December of 2011 of a cancer treating drug that works well with the eye. I'm less than 10% that had my eyesight restored to a high rate. So we're in my specialist's office today. They did all the computer generated eye scans, etc. She has a smile on her face and shows me the scan for my left eye. I shared.. but it's my right eye .. She said.. one sec.. After the left eye scan, she shows me the full color scan picture of my right eye. Identical!!! She then showed me a scanned picture of my eye over a month ago.. and it showed I needed the injection. We were both very happy. The "needle in the eye" routine is not the most pleasant in the office or when you get home with pain. I shared with her that we had lots of people praying for us, and we had 12 hours of worship on Saturday. She shared that the older she gets she realizes that there's someone up there.. and she believes in this stuff.. So... no need for the procedure. Just see her in two months from now. I am on some drops.. but will continue on them. Thank you God, first for your awesomeness. and next for wonderful people who will join together in faith with me for answers for healing!


Praise Him, Praise Him, Praise Him...yes, this is what He desires. This reminds me of something that happened Friday night and sat, and I just found out last night, sun, that while we are praising Him, which He so lovingly directs us to by prompting our spirit and drawing us to Him, while we are focused on Him, He takes care of what concerns us! He did this for me Sat while I was at freedom reigns. My daughter and a female coworker were drugged at a concert, by a drink they purchased. They woke up in the hospital. They don't remember anything after the drink, which was before the concert at a drink stand in the stadium. The nurse told them they were dropped off by the police, admitted on their own, stating they did not feel right, all of which they don't remember. The cop thought they we acting drunk, and did a breath test, which showed below legal limit, so took them to the hospital because they said they did not feel right and said they only had one drink. Thank GOD for praise!!! If you have something that concerns you, enter into praising God, He is on the job, even when we are not aware of concerns. This was an awakening moment to listen to the Holy Spirit prompting me, get into praise. She is doing fine now. I praise you God!!! Yesterday's message was a perfect fit for this. Focus on God and He will focus on us! Rejoice, rejoice, again I say rejoice! Thank you God for your ways are higher than ours, and you see all. Thank you for loving us so much and all that concerns us! You are awesome!!! Not trying to instill fear, I cast down false imaginations, just saying, and giving God glory He deserves! He gave us plenty of reason to praise Him 2000 years ago, this is a just a reminder. I will praise Him! And praise Him even more when the enemy tries to mess with me or what concerns me, my friend and other things put in my path that the Lord calls me to or my attention to! Where ever I go, I will praise Him!! Thank you Lord!


*Testimony from a recent Basic Sozo Training in PA by one of our training teams* Hello Laurie, I just want to say thank you for organizing and scheduling my SOZO session. I thank God for undeniable love. I will admit, I came to my session desiring healing and deliverance from something else but in the midst, I go just what I needed. Virginia was transparent, patient, and Spirit led. I won't be able to make the April basic training but I will certainly make one of them, in hopes of the next one...I think in September. There are many great aspects to SOZO, of course the inner healing and deliverance is great...and to add...SOZO increases one's confidence to know that they too hear from God and what they are hearing isn't off. That God is so relational and direct. Thanks again. I pray continued flow of The Blessing your way.


*Testimony from a recent Basic Sozo Training in PA by one of our training teams* Dear Laurie, I would like to share with you my testimony after receiving Sozo ministry. As a child, I was sexually abused by both my father and older brother. This led me into the bondage of pornography. I was addicted to online pornography of the most extreme kind. Some people feel this is a problem only men have. I can assure you that is not true. I knew it was my hurts and wounds that kept me from getting victory but I seemed powerless to overcome it. I battled the addiction as a christian for many years. In August of 2012, I had my second Sozo healing session. During the Sozo, I was able to let Jesus in to heal me and help me forgive. After a few weeks, it dawned on me that I had absolutely no desire to look at pornography. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in my life and my relationship with God. I don't need a support group, I don't struggle every day with a battle of my will; I simply have no desire to do this any longer. This is what happens when God truly heals and delivers!! I thank the Lord that he led me to your church for ministry. Praise God for His faithfulness.


*This testimony from a recent Basic Sozo Training in PA by one of our training teams* Dear Laurie, What a wonderful blessing it was to meet you and to be under your teaching and impartation!! Also for the blessing that Diane, Kathryn and the rest of your team were!!! Abundant blessings to all of you for your love for the Lord, the body of Christ and your desire to see "the captives set free"!!!!!! My SOZO session was an unexpected delight!!! (I wasn't even expecting to have one this weekend). Could you please pass it along to Kathryn that the part of Jesus and my relationship with my sister......... well the Lord woke me the next morning (4 am of course! LOL!!) that it was my three half sisters and half brother that Jesus needed me to deal with!!! So, laying in bed He lead me through the prayers!! God is sooooooo awesome!! Once again THANK YOU!!!


*This testimony from a recent Basic Sozo Training in PA by one of our training teams* Hi Laurie, I just wanted to drop you a note to express how much my wife and I enjoyed the weekend with you in Mt Joy last weekend. To give you a reference, I asked you about what you do when you are the wall in a session. I can honestly say, we are in ! We are so excited about finding out more about sozo ministry, and even want to come for ministry. Let me also say that it was so evident, that you carry the passion and desire for this type of ministry. We could literally feel those things radiating from you. Could you kindly forward the schedule, or process in how to come to De to receive ministry. I look forward to chatting with you soon. One more note, I was chatting with my 9 year old son on Sunday, and here was our exchange :-) I had the chance this weekend to spend some time with my 9 year old son. After my wife and I went to a sozo ministry introduction, I was asking my son to picture the place where the Father is. He replied, "I see Him in a medium sized room" I asked, what is he doing ? He replied "He's holding His arms open waiting for me to come." Thats awesome I said. I asked him where Jesus was ? He replied, "He's in the next room, but there's a window between the two rooms, because Jesus always wants to see what the Father is doing." My heart was so encouraged by the encounter that God can even show His heart to a 9 year old boy. I figured I'd go all in, and ask about what he saw the Holy Spirit doing. He replies, "Oh Him, He's across the hall."


We love to receive testimonies from those that have been touched in their spirit, soul or body while attending one of our services or by one of our ministry teams. Please feel free to email us and tell what the Lord did. The power of the testimony is that it can release faith to another to receive the same thing you received. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." (Revelation 19:10 NASB) Part of the meaning of the word testimony is "to do it again." When you share the testimony of what Jesus has done, you are releasing the prophetic word loaded with possibility. This testimony happened during one of our services. Bob, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Thanks for being you, for being willing to listen and learn from Papa, for establishing, through Him, a place where injured folks can come to receive healing in body, soul, and spirit. I sat in on Katie's sozo as an observer. Virginia did a shabar, and I literally saw the stronghold that had imprisoned Kate fall to the ground in a pile of rubble. The Kate that walked out of that room was a totally different Kate that went in. Just last week I had the privilege of understanding just how deep His deliverance is. I finally understand what "Saved to the uttermost" means in my own life. I saw it again on Saturday with Kate. Thank you. Papa, for Your great kindness to your people. Thanks, Bob, for letting it all happen.


We love to receive testimonies from those that have been touched in their spirit, soul or body while attending one of our services or by one of our ministry teams. Please feel free to email us and tell what the Lord did. The power of the testimony is that it can release faith to another to receive the same thing you received. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." (Revelation 19:10 NASB) Part of the meaning of the word testimony is "to do it again." When you share the testimony of what Jesus has done, you are releasing the prophetic word loaded with possibility. This testimony happened during one of our services. I wanted to thank you and the rest of the House of Praise family for an amazing conference! Your efforts blessed many directly and as we each returned our homes will bless even more through our prayers and agreement with God's plans. So thanks for putting in all the hard work!


SoZo Session 2/2/12 God wants to give you Divine Instructions because you are a Divine Woman. You have a big heart! Papa has good things in stored for his Baby Girl. God said to you "I don't make mistakes" Jesus was on the right hand of the father to be your comforter. Jesus has unspeakable joy for you! There is a bigger picture! The Devil is scared of you. He tried to stop you from your victory, you haven't stopped and he screams when you wake up. You are his beloved. Jesus said you're loved and you're a world changer and you're his Angel. The next generation will not repeat in lies but in his Truth. You lack nothing... Not one single thing, cause you are one with Christ! Holy Spirit wants to & longs to be gentle with you. He is a soft and safe place to fall, he thought of you from the get go... gentle, kind, loving, soft but firm. When you were born your mother looked at you and said in prophecy (Holy Spirit spoke to her)" You're so beautiful... Look at my Angel." Remember the day you were born, I adopted you in, and so should you. He (God) knows you... There is work to be done that only you can do. The ability to do these works is from the Trinity. Your perfection will not get the job done... You rest in the truth that it is God's ability to do these things and are perfect through Him. We together can be perfect. Your Jesus, Father God, and Holy Spirit can be perfect together. You have the authority through Christ. Do make the most beautiful, perfect music to take his babies (God's) to a place with him that they have never been. Let him use you." My grace is sufficient; I am a God of multiple chances." "Commit to me everything and you will bring success!" "I am Success!" "Just swing!" "Deep cries out to deep." The door of fear is sealed shut with his blood. "You love them with my heart; it's my heart you love them with."(God) "I love them, just the way I love you." "That is why I want to use you to free them." You have his heart for everyone.... At the Throne Room there was an angel behind you and it was the angel that is sent before you. He just embraced you, covered you, released you, and then left. You are worthy to sit in Papa's lap cause you're his #1 Baby Girl! The Holy Spirit whispered to Jesus and said "Go Get Her!" Jesus came and picked you up and he placed you in God's Big, Big, Big hand. "No problem you ever had because I have this Big hand, you see, and my hand is on you and in your life and I am not going anywhere Baby Girl" God moved you from his hand to his chest so you could hear his heart...and his heart doesn't beat like ours... it have many beats. He has the whole world in his hands. His heart beat is like drums. That is intimacy, and you will go to this place anytime you want, anytime ...and they all will not only be there, but they are just waiting. You don't have to search, chase, or strive. "Don't worry Baby Girl... I (God) long to hear your heart beat just as you long to hear mine." I will always have someone to greet you. You're always welcomed! Song that is in your heart: To God Be the glory, to God be the glory for the things he has done. He says he's equipping you to be a Glory Carrier. "You are one in with me Baby Girl, You lack Nothing, there is No lack" (Jesus) You are not a fearful woman Angel..... You, Angel, felt a physical feeling from him working on your heart."Your heart, Baby Girl, is smooth!!" "Jesus was a carpenter and he fixed your heart. God Saved, Healed & Delivered!


Pastor Muncy, This past Sunday I went up for prayer because I've been having complications with my pregnancy. I have been experiencing bleeding from the placenta as well as severely swollen veins on my lower pelvis and inner thigh accompanied by excruciating pain. The doctor put me on sitting rest and ordered me to quit all activity that requires me to be on my feet. When I went up for prayer, Diana, Shirley, and Sue laid hands on me and we began to seek God's healing power. I was in so much pain and was having a hard time standing there when all of a sudden I noticed the pain was GONE! I then ran immediately to the bathroom to check the swelling of the veins and was so excited when I saw the swelling had gone down significantly. Since then, I have had NO bleeding of the placenta, NO pain, and barely any swelling! I am so thankful to Papa for once again pouring out His blessings and love upon me. All I asked of Him was to stop the bleeding and pain and to protect my baby from any harm, and HE DID!! So to GOD be ALL glory, strength, honor, and praise!! He really is Jehovah Rafa!! His love endures forever and He gives only the best to His children. We need only ask.


I checked with Alice again to confirm what I heard was said in church on Sunday. Basically-Pet scan failed to detect any cancer in one adrenal gland, and lowered amount in other (both had been fully involved before). Pet scan also showed no new areas of cancer, diminished areas of cancer in bones (had been widespread), and much reduced aggressiveness of existing cancer (shown by reduced uptake of sugar in Pet scan). In other words, the cancer that is still present in her body appears to be causing very little harm. Oncologist is very surprised and pleased. Alice also senses that she has been removed from the realm of patients of greatest concern. Much to be thankful for! Can't wait to see what God is going to do with Alice, and how he is going to use her situation to minister to the doctor and other "difficult" patients. We are grateful to your church in helping to uphold Alice. This sure has been a walk of faith-not sight!


When I first came to this church I fell in love with the move of God and the love that the members shared with me. The spirit of God was truly in the mist of the people and I was drawn in by his love and his spirit. I enjoyed the high anointing that was covering the atmosphere every Sunday that I attended. I then started seeing healings and miracles being manifested right in the service. I also saw a big spurt of growth in members. God was truly moving. I wanted to be a part of what was going on in this place because I not only enjoyed the presence of God but I enjoyed what he was doing in me. When I first came here I had been hurt over and over again by people that I thought loved me and cared for me. I had built up walls to protect me from being hurt again but little did I know God had a plan for me and the walls. The women here began to cover me with their love and concern, something that I was not use to and first I thought it was fake and I would resist and hide in my little shell. But, one Friday that feeling of hurt was broken off of me through the love of God that the members showed me. Wow I was amazed that so much love could be real but I realized that I first had to acknowledge that God loved me so much and that was one thing that you guys did here, you ushered in the love of God and taught me how to be intimate with God in a special way. I heard about Sozo, I never heard anything like that ever, then when I had my appointment, I was amazed because it was like I was a child and God was my Daddy and I have to approach him like that, like a child wow new stuff something that I have never experience before. Then as me and my husband was walking out of the church one Sunday a lady came to us and said, "can I say something to the both of you", we said yes. She began to minister to us and she said to me you love God so much and you like to comb his hair when your with him, I said to myself; I do?. Ok that was real new but the next time I was in the presence of God I pictured myself combing his hair and when I would come to church in worship I would comb his hair I would have the most explosive time in his presence. That was the move of God I saw when I first joined this church but then one Sunday I felt a change, a shift like a higher call for the church like no more church as usual.


I just wanted to thank you for the messages on Friday night and Sunday morning. It was truly a blessing to me. Thank you for your transparency in the ministry. So much of what you said was for me and I don't mind saying that. I see that I am walking at a new level of freedom, so why wouldn't trials come.I just lean on Papa even more.


During the Friday Celebration at the House of Praise for All People, the Holy Spirit confirmed a message I was given during my Devotional reading, taken from Hebrews 12: 1 -2. While listening to others speak of their deliverances from their Sozo Sessions, I pondered whether I was really delivered from anger and bondage I endured when I went thru Sozo last year. As I prepared my late night prayers and scriptures I asked the Holy Spirit to confirm to me that I was free from the anger and bondage, and allow me to see my Ex-Husband and know that he is well, taking care of himself, and improving the quality of life as he is living for the Lord. On my way to a meeting of an Organization in Harrington, DE called "The Refuge Delmarva, Inc., I was two blocks from the meeting place, Asbury United Methodist Church, I saw my Ex-husband and stopped to speak to him. The Holy Spirit confirmed that I was delivered from the anger and bondage, and even gave me the opportunity to forgive him face-to-face. We talked for about fifteen minutes and it felt like hours. I also was able to see that he was well, taking care of himself, still working, and was in fellowship with a church. He had a peaceful look on his face, and I felt a sense of compassion for him, and thanked God for me being allowed to see him again and be confirmed of my deliverance, and see him serving the Lord. God is awesome, and I know that if I trust, obey, and ask our Father for confirmation, He will always show me in His own time what He feels I am ready to receive. My message to others is-don't give up, be patient to hear from God, and listen carefully so that you may see the confirmations happening in your life. Don't be in such a hurry that you miss seeing, hearing, and experiencing the blessings laid before you. Glory to God. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy. We offer prayers in Jesus' name. Amen.

Reformation Center Testimonies

Hi Laurie, Friday was a real "breakthrough" for me, I don't know of any other time I would use that word, although I pray for it often. Hi, I have to say I totally enjoyed my Sozo. The subject the Holy Spirit opened to deal with was a surprise, but really necessary for me to deal with. I liked the way that you as a person gave permission to stop or go farther into the subject. I could see where if someone had a real traumatic event in their life it would be a great process because you could have the wounds healed in a process without feeling guilty that you can't deal with all of it at one time. I really was blessed by Ginny and Brandy too. They made me feel comfortable enough to go through the process. Blessings, Nancy

Another Cancer Healing

Well a few weeks ago, maybe 7-8 maybe more (not sure) on Friday Night Church, my sister Shannon found out that my father's wife, Tina, has some sort of cancer in her legs. And apparently they couldn't do much but give her meds. My father said the meds make her tired and stop her from daily activities. At the time, they found the cancer for what seemed too late. She couldn't walk. That's why she went to the ER, because she just collapsed one day. Doctor's said it was cancer and my dad didn't know what to do. He's not too religious but knows that his daughters Shannon and I are VERY religious. He called us. He asked us to pray. So we got to church that night and asked everyone to pray for Tina. The congregation all walked up to Shannon and I in the front and laid hands on us. Mind that my father lives in Illinois. So we prayed and prayed. Our church is known for being a cancer-free zone. So we continually prayed over the months. My dad would call me every once in a while to tell us how Tina was doing. It once got to the point where the doctors were going to amputate her legs. So we all prayed even harder. Then about the 2nd maybe 3rd week of July (about 2 months later) she went to get a CATSCAN and Praise the Lord, no cancer in sight! She's healthy! And now, the family out there is considering going to church again. We are going to try to take them to the one I went to when I lived there (when I was 4) when we go visit the 2nd week of August. God does amazing things. He always listens. Always. He is always watching over his children. Because He loves us. And we love Him. Thank You, Father. Thank You.


neat testimony to share-----the other week we had a gentleman come to the ER and he was placed on life support...his blood pressure was extremely low (like almost non existent) and the dr ordered a special med to help bring it takes a little bit to mix it all up, and while his nurse was doing so, I felt compelled to just reach out and touch his arm and speak life into him in Jesus Name and ask Jesus to raise his BP..I sensed Father telling me to do this out loud........there were a few people in the room that I didn't know, but I didn't care, either,LOL...the BP rose to the 70' I reached out and touched him again and asked Jesus to "rev it up to the 80's," and when He did, I said "Hallelujah, Thank you!!!! and asked Him to keep going....He fact the dr was very impressed when he came back into the room and asked us to discontinue the med he had ordered..we laughed and told him that we hadn't yet had an opportunity to give it to him yet....the order was canceled....and his BP continued to climb to normal levels......I don't know what happened to him after that..but Jesus still runs the ER...YEAH GOD!!!!


As usual this Holy Day season was my 38th year of playing Santa Claus. I have always portrayed Santa Claus as a Jesus loving Spirit filled Christian. Unlike Others who play Santa I witness to Hundreds of folks every year. The department stores donate 1 case of candy canes per hour of playing Santa Claus. (If you do not know the origins of the original candy cane please ask me to share it with you.) In return I listen to hundreds of requests and ask God to bless each and everyone who passes by me. I am always prepared for a kind word, a prayer, and asking our Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit to bless every individual who passes by me. This year I received over 3,000 candy canes Which I prayed that every candy cane I and my elves delivered were blessed and could be used as seeds to plant for Gods harvesting. In return I visited 2 children's day care centers, Milford Hospital, Silver Lake Apartments, All of the strip mall merchants in Milford DE on route 113, as well as their customers, And 4 nursing homes. From 18 Dec through 25 Dec. When I visited the Salem County Nursing Home in Salem, NJ. My biological Father is a resident there and I have been praying for many years that some day a stranger would visit him and that he would accept Jesus into his heart. Little did I know that stranger would be me playing Santa Claus. Which my father at first did not know it was me his oldest son. My friend Lillie sat on one side of him and I as Santa sat on his other side. When I told my father that his father my Pop-pop was already in heaven waiting for us. My father allowed me share Jesus and to hear him invite Jesus into his life and into his heart. This year and the past month I have witnessed several miracles to include divine healing, mental healing, desert served, Just yesterday I prayed for one of Lillie's cousin's who was diagnosed at a hospital in PA and only given 24 hours to live by her doctors. Woke up this morning and wanted her clothes to get dressed and left the hospital today feeling better than she had in years. Several folks in the local nursing homes asked for anointing and prayer which Santa Claus and those resident's shared prayer, singing, laughter, and yes even tears. Santa Loves visiting the nursing homes for everyone but especially for those who's family abandons them during the Holy Days. My motivation at Christmas is the same as all year round. It is Love as described in the first and second Commandments. My ability to love comes from My lord Jesus who enables me from Holy Spirit who lives in my heart. I have laughed more in this past month then I have ever laughed in my entire 55 years I have cried more tears of shear joy then I ever thought possible. My greatest prayer for 2010 is that I can find 12 men who will commit to praying with me for our church families, That we will commit to Matthew chapter 10, That we will together lay hands on and anoint the sick and not just believe that they will recover. But know God will restore them mentally and physically. That we will treasure hunt. That when we pray, we pray knowing we will receive what we ask for in Jesus' name. That we will worship God in all that we do. Colossians 3:22-24 , 1 Timothy 4:6 , and 2 Timothy 4:1-2 . Brother's and Sister's I Love you all. May our Father bless each and every one of you in 2010. With out a doubt I know we are experiencing Heaven on Earth. As well as God in our Temples. Shalom, Love Dave


Merry Christmas! Just wanted to document and let you know of an unusual little miracle that just happened this a.m., Wed, 23 Dec 09...Eve of Christmas Eve. Well, I had company, babysitting actually due to a family emergency of some friends last night till whenever. After games, movies, talking, sharing conversation, etc, the kids went to bed about 1200 pm. I had invited Gloria over to get her out of the house for something to do and spend the night since we were going to be up late and watching movies, she could join us in a movie night too. Gloria and I continued to share conversation till 2:00 a.m. We finally decided we better get some sleep, Gloria spent the night, morning may come earlier with the kids here. Gloria went to get PJs on, removed her jewelry and placed it on the night stand...the last she remembered. 7:30. a.m. I was up, downstairs making breakfast, Gloria came down about 8:00a.m, already dressed and stated she could not find her jewelry. I stated well I have seen GOD do many miracles with the prayer of "I claim those things lost found, In Jesus Name"...and Lord I give your angels charge to get Gloria's jewelry where ever it is and have it appear before her eyes", and I asked Gloria to stand in agreement with me, and she did. Now we were to get busy doing something else, not to worry, and GOD will do it. Well, we looked every where and could not find it and Gloria ran out of time to stay, was tearful about the loss, many precious stones, memories, etc, she said, but had to get home. I told her I would keep praying and her to do the same. After she left, I said Lord, I know that prayer works, I don't understand why it hasn't yet, but I know it will. I went to the neighbors to drop off some cookies, came back, and Gloria had called and left a message that she had a miracle. I called and she said when she got home she emptied her bag on her bed, left the room, went into the living room and called Lisa to pray with her about her rings. I also called a friend to pray for the lost rings but had no answer. Then, I had another message of my friend returning my call along with Gloria's. Then, when Gloria got on the phone with Lisa and was telling her about her lost rings and ask for the midst of speaking, she looked over at her bureau where she had a Christmas candy dish, and her rings were in the dish, in her living room, the same rings she lost at my house today. ???? I saw the rings on her hand while at my house and know she left my house with no rings on her hands and upset. Gloria told Lisa and called me immediately. This all happened within the hour that she left my house to go home. Additionally, this a.m. I told Gloria, I had a dream as I was awakening, someone was handing me 4 or 5 Christmas ornament size, jade Christmas trees and an alabaster cluster, like a military Major and Lt Col rank insignia shape about the size of a nickel with a blue diamond in the center and said take these & I was going to need this, and here this is for you. I felt part of it meant I was going to have something unique happen at Christmas. Then this happened with Gloria's rings. We all agreed this was a unique miracle, those things lost...including hope and prosperity were found, renewed hope generated of what is precious to her, from the LORD! I had said to Gloria earlier that it was as if they were cloaked, it did not make sense, but the LORD knows where they are and can bring them back. It was told to me that alabaster means hope, and a blue diamond is rare and precious...also the hope diamond is a blue diamond, the most expensive kind of diamond. My friend said that this witnessed to her and she was grabbing on to it for her self too. I encourage anyone to enjoy the same if it witnesses with them. I wanted to share this little tidbit and joy of what GOD has done today for Gloria. When we sometimes think all is lost or forgotten, GOD knows our needs and hearts desires, and how to restore HOPE, and how precious even the little things are to him that concern us! I hope you enjoy this treasure as I know Gloria is in amazement right now over it and full of joy, as I am also.. I hope GOD brings you renewed/restored hope in all your needs and hearts desires this Christmas Season and NEW Year!!! Blessings and Merry Christmas! AWESOME!!! Diana


In preparation for the funeral reception for Carol on Wednesday of this week two of our dear sisters were concerned that there was no desert to be had or serve with the meal. When I went out front I asked God if he would provide the missing desert. Holy Spirit reminded me that when we pray. Pray as though we have already received what it is we ask for. Immediately I went back to the kitchen and asked my sisters if we had desert, what would we serve it on? They handed me a platter and within five minutes of setting out the Platter. A Pastor and his wife dropped off two cakes, two pies, and a tray of brownies. Talk about answered prayer! God is seldom on time but he is never late. I praise God for even the simplest requests. Was this a miracle or just one more time that God said yes? Since God, can provide desert is there anything you would like to trust God with? Shalom

David Hevelow

I finally found it! What I have been looking for all of my life. Wouldn't you know it? There really is a me. I like me. I'm one of the nicest people I've ever met. I've been giving myself away all of my life. Over my years I have found many people, places, and things. All the while I truly believed there was no me. I have learned to love everyone but me in my lifetime. I'm poor as a beggar but live like a king. I choose to live life on God's terms! Regardless of what anyone except for God, now thinks of me. I enjoy living life now. I am now really enjoying those of you who like and love me. Instead of talking to I choose to talk with you. Instead of feeling insecure, insignificant, hopeless, beaten down and down trodden. I choose to live life on God's terms and I make no mistake Jesus is My God! I have found my family I choose them and they love me. Now I know why. I'm lovable. For this is the first week of the rest of my life and by God. I love it! I am Beloved Harmony I like my name and now chose to live it. This is the first year of the best years of my life. Now is the time for celebration. I love everyone family, friends, acquaintances, and yes even my enemies. There is nothing the liar can do about it. I have repented and now I'm free. If permitted I'd love to tell you what I like and Love about YOU. All I have left to give is my Love! This is and always was my choice. In all that I do in all that I am I do for Jesus Christ my Lord. If you get in my way then so be it. I will literally just love the hell out of you! You see I do have some good news. I looked out of my window and just really saw my first sunrise of a dawning of a new day! Thank you God! I thank God and you for teaching me how to love me because you loved me first! I have heard from God through many 0f you. Living in the muck and mire of life is not any of our destinies. Learning to walk with Jesus not being behind, not in front of, but beside is the only way to wisdom as well as happiness! I did not hit the lottery. Holy Spirit just exploded in my heart! Thank you Jesus and Father! I have now to just continue my life! What would I change in my life? Absolutely nothing! After it all I may have never found me if it were not for all of my experiences! Many Blessings through Christ's Love Beloved Harmony Hevelow


I work at a local diner in Dover, Delaware and on August 25, 2009 I showed up for work at 10:00 am and as soon as I entered the dining room I saw one of our regular customers standing at an empty table just starring in a daze. I walked up to her and said Hi, I'm sorry I didn't get to wait on you all today. She looked at me and said ______ had had a heart attack during the meal and had died. She said the EMT people had come and tried to revive him with CPR but couldn't do anything and had pronounced him dead at the scene. She said he was talking one minute and had just leaned over to his wife and died. She said how much they were going to miss ____________. I hugged her and told her he was going to be OK, she looked at me and said no you don't understand he's DEAD. I told her that I was going into the restroom to pray for him and that he would be OK. I went and prayed that the Lord bring him back to life and have mercy on his soul. That he would be revived and have a chance to see his wife and talk with her. When I came out of the restroom all my co-workers were there and they were very upset asking me to pray for them because they had never seen someone die before in the restaurant. They said they were so upset that they couldn't even concentrate on work. I said that I would pray for all of them and that I had already prayed for ______. My supervisor said no you don't understand ________ died right there in the booth and the EMT pronounced him dead. I said yes I do understand what you said but I serve the living God who raised Lazarus from the dead and will do the same for _________. My God is the great physician and He has the last word on a matter. All my co-workers were talking about getting flowers to the funeral home and who would be able to go the funeral. I said to them you of little faith haven't you heard what I said? I have prayed for a miracle in _________ and I'm telling you it isn't over until God says it's over. Everyone looked at me and said you're just in denial; the man is DEAD! As the morning progressed we were waiting on customers and trying to stay focused on the work of the day. I was working at the computer entering an order when a co-worker walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. She said we have just heard _______is in intensive care. I started jumping up and down and shouting Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!! Everyone in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and started watching me. I said our God is so awesome; I had God bumps from my head to my feet! I kept praising the Lord all day and my co-workers were stunned. I said to them that I had told you God has the final word. It's now late October and ________ is in rehabilitation and I'm praying for his complete recovery.


My employer was diagnosed two months ago with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, WBC (white blood count) of 32,000. Night before last I received a phone call from her daughter relating a conversation with her mother's doctor. He said I can't explain this but your mother's WBC is normal!! The power of prayer!!!! How awesome is HE!!


..Now for more Yeah Daddy's!!!....I had received a prophetic word that I would be receiving a new shofar within a month a couple of weeks ago.. ..I was in the mustard seed yesterday and had been looking at prayer shawls.. I had given mine away several months ago to a person with a very heavy intercession anointing upon them. because Father had instructed me to do so.....I couldn't decide which one I wanted, so I thought I would spend some time in prayer about it and ask the Holy Spirit to pick one out for me.......Well....I went to a prayer meeting last night, and a man placed a brand new shofar in my hand...bigger than my own, but still a manageable weapon in my hand and began to prophesy over me about its use....When I blew it...the sound electrified me and I burst into tears.. I LOVE IT!!! but that is not all...I also was gifted with a new prayer shawl...a "Queen Esther" one...not only had I been looking at prayer shawls, but I also had been looking at a Beth Moore bible study about Esther...but didn't get it..Maybe I need to go back. Yeah God!!!! and then.....I was having pizza after the prayer meeting with a friend and we "dawdled" after finishing just talking about God and healing and what an awesome Father we have...well in walks a man crippled, walking slowly with a cane, with crippled legs and a withered arm....I looked at my friend and we just grinned from ear to ear...Okay God...How do you want to do this?...This man spent so much time looking at al the different sodas that when I got up to pay the bill, I said.."It's really easy...just say..eeny meeny miney mo...which drink should I choose?" and smiled....He smiled back and started pouring out his story about a bad motorcycle accident and that the doctors told his parents that he wouldn't live even another "hour more" and when he survived that he would never walk again..he said, "I am a walking miracle".. we had the awesome privilege of being able to pray for a complete and total healing...even of the damaged emotions from the accident....He was very appreciative...and although there was no immediate friend and I believe that as he goes on his way, that the healing would come...He also knows that God picked him out of a roomful of people just because Daddy wanted to love on him!!! Yeah God!!! Have an awesome week with Jesus releasing heaven wherever you go!!!! Blessings and joy


Hi Pastor Muncy, Just wanted to tell you how much my husband and I are enjoying your church. Dan Mohler was so amazing. A true impartation of wisdom and truth. Last Sunday's service I had an amazing release of a root issue of my childhood during worship. I asked Lisa to pray for me after wards and got the total release. I didn't even know I had a root issue but boy did I get a release that showed me the root issue... I am so happy this week I am floating. The Lord's presence is alive in your fellowship and under your direction His presence is flourishing. We will be gone this weekend and hope to get back up there next weekend. Blessings.

Amii and Andy

One of my girlfriends was crying after our evening service. She asked for prayer because she felt she was giving into Satan's lies that not seeking affirmation from God. She said that although she knows God loves her, she just doesn't feel that loved. So, we were praying over her. While praying we asked God to show her in a personal way how deeply He loves her and when we were done praying her hands (fronts and backs) and her arms were sparkling with God's gold dust. She had never experienced this before and was so encouraged!!! I was crying in excitement with her. Our Daddy hears our cries!!! Praise the Lord!!! So many people have gotten gold dust since we came back from our vacation with you in Delaware last's been so wild, encouraging, and faith building!!! Thought that story would encourage you! We love you! Please tell Uncle Todd we say hello and send our love! Bless the Lord!


Was scheduled for heart surgery and came to the Healing Rooms on May 23, 2009. She received prayer for healing. She went to her heart doctor this week for the exam ahead of surgery, after the exam the doctor informed her that things were better and that he didn't need to see her for 6 months!