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Supported Ministries

Mission Statement and Core Values for Ministries Supported by The House of Praise For All People

Mission Statement
We purpose to partner with ministries on a global basis through prayer support who are sharing the gospel from a kingdom perspective and establishing the government of God. It is our desire to see financial provision directed to these various ministries as the opportunity presents itself.

Core Values
1. We the community of believers called The House of Praise For All People purposes to sow into other ministries. We see ourselves in a support role to those that are in the field touching the lives of people for the Jesus sake

2. The Presbytery for The House will annually select from ministries we are in a relationship with to focus in prayer and support financially through offerings and ministry opportunities. The goal being to have a specific focus to support and encouragement the leaders of the ministry.

3. Our desire is to support local pastors or ministries that are in alignment with our core values for Kingdom advancement, as stated in the core values for The House.

4. With churches we support both locally and in foreign countries, we will work through the local church pastor and trust him/her to allocate funds as they deem necessary. With ministries both local and international, we have the same view, to give to the ministry and trust the leadership to allocate the monies.

5. It is our desire to help ministries share the full gospel and who want to see the kingdom advanced. It is our desire to see dominion established through the local Christian community with a generational view towards establishing lasting and healthy Christian community that affects the region and nation in which the church or ministry is located.

6. It is our desire to build a relationship with each ministry we support so as to pray effectively, love unconditionally, encourage and strengthen the leaders without control or manipulation.





Shores of Grace

Eric Reeder

Judy Sullivan

Roger & Margaret Clark

Ronald & Jerry Childs

Don and Ellen Faucett