Ministry Leaders

Robert Muncy


Robert Muncy serves as the Senior Leader at the House Of Praise For All People located in Greenwood, DE. He and his wife Linda have been married for 45 years and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. In 2001 they lost their oldest daughter Jennifer in a car accident at age 21. This event plunged them into a place of despair and grief that they never thought anyone could recover from. In the years since the accident, the Lord has done amazing acts of healing in them. Robert's testimony is how Jesus not only healed his broken heart but took him on an inner journey that has not left him the same. We are told that freely we have received, freely we're to give. Robert's ministry is to bring a word of hope and liberation to those trapped by inner struggles of lack of self-worth and feelings of abandonment, as well as healing for physical sickness and disease. At the church, we are seeing people healed on a weekly basis. Cancers have been healed, one young man has been raised from the dead, emphysema and heart disease have been healed, depression and addictions have been removed all by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the ministry teams of the church. He and his team will pray for the sick and release anointing for others to do the same. It is the vision of Pastor Robert and our church staff, to develop a culture of revival where we are not looking for only special meetings where the presence of God invades but a community of believers where the love of God and the power of God flows out on a daily basis. The Moravians maintained this culture for 100 yrs and impacted the world. We believe that it can be done again in these last days. Contact