All offerings and conference registration fees submitted and processed through this website are each considered by The House of Praise to be a donation, and are therefore not eligible for a refund, even if the registrant was not able to attend the event. You may request, by email, an audio recording of the event if you are not able to attend, and at the discretion of the church leadership, CD(s) or MP3(s) may be available to send to you. In some cases, audio recordings are not available. Reasons for non-availability may include, but are not limited to, technical issues or contractual commitments made to the speaker. In some cases only a limited number of sessions of an event are available.

If you were not able to attend an event you registered for and you would like to inquire about the availability of an audio recording for the event, please email us with your name and the name and date of the conference, along with your mailing address that you registered with.